GT’s Living Foods was looking to increase its brand exposure by collaborating with specific influencers. The money shot in their eyes is to capture content of their consumers (ideally those with large followings) drinking their flavored Kombucha’s,  so they can cross market across their socials.



We had 2 goals in mind for this collaboration:  1. Achieve maximum experiential exposure to all celebrity guests that come into our studio, and 2. Maximize the number of organic product placement opportunities that we could include in our interviews. Thus, we displayed the Kombucha in a branded GT’s Living Foods fridge, which is permanently placed in frame in the middle of our studio set. We’re encouraging our celebrity guests to easily reach for a refreshing Kombucha, while organically including our gut healthy beverage partner in every celebrity interview that will live forever online on our digital platforms.



In the first month of our partnership, Hollywire brought in 26 celebrities into our studio for custom one on one interviews. Over 75% of the celebrity guests that month drank a kombucha while at our studio, and over 50% of the celebrities either talked about Kombucha during their interviews on camera, or reposted pictures to their personal social accounts/stories with @gtskombucha. Over 26 videos with organic GT’s branding were created the first month of the partnership. All these videos live on our YouTube channel permanently (2M+ Subscribers), and countless impressions across all social platforms were received. Celebrities that have come into our Hollywire studio in the first 1.5-months of our partnership include:  


American Gods Cast

Snatchers Cast

Cloak & Dagger CastAustin Mahone

Annie LeBlanc

Olivia Holt

Travis Barker

Tyler Blackburn

Nina Nesbitt

Cody Ko

Coy Stewart

Molly McCook

Keean Johnson

Lyric Ross

Ava Max

Isaiah Mustafa


Maggie Lindermann 



Daniella Monet

Kian Lawley

Jaylen Barron

Jeanine Mason


Daniella Perkins

Sensation CNCO

Lennon Stella

Anna Pniowsky

Kaycee Rice


Lily Cowles


Anne Winters

Shahadi Wright Joseph

Vincent Rodriguez III

Them That Follow Crew

Come As You Are Cast