Suja had a practical marketing initiative that they wanted to focus on at the Jordyn Jones x Hollywire EP Release Party. Their end goal was to get their product into the hands of consumers, with a focus on two in-person activations with their brand. Additionally, to raise brand awareness online via organically produced digital celebrity content. 



Our strategy was to host a summer pool party for singer Jordyn Jones to promote the release of her EP. The party was in collaboration with Jones’s PR agency, 42west. The company wanted to host the party at the iconic Yamashiro. Suja was the main sponsor of our Hollywood Hills summer pool party. To increase the number of attendees, we advertised this Jordyn Jones EP Guest List Application across all of our Hollywire social platforms. Due to our partnership with 42west, they advertised our event with their internal industry email blast lists and on Jordyn’s social media accounts. Hollywire invited over 300 celebrities to the event.

At the event, Suja branded their signature line of juices, slushes, and kombucha, napkins/cups, photo booth props, as well as 2 activations (branded photo booth & branded yard games to play) were placed around the venue. All video content that was created was organically co-branded, and then distributed on Samsung TV and Hollywire’s YouTube channel to our 2,000,000 subscribers. 



The Hollywire – Suja Party saw ~ 1,000 attendees (Celebrities and Influencers), over 600+ Suja products were consumed, and 10 celebrity interview videos were created with Suja product placements integrated into the background of the set. Hollywire created more than 5,000,000 impressions on Youtube, Instagram and Twitter with Suja’s logos present throughout the venue. Thousands of Suja branded pictures were created at the photobooth during the event. Suja received global recognition from our official event partnership with 42west, and had brand exposure with the following celebrities:  


Jordyn Jones

Elliana Walmsley

Lilia Buckingham

Lyric Ross

Indiana Massara

Alisha Marie

Sophie Michelle

Sofi Dossi

Jayden Bartels

Cash Baker

Maverick Baker

Jaques Colimon

Sean Kingston

Abigail Cowen

Khadijah Red Thunder

Danielle Cohn


Austin Felt

Trinity Morisette

Ashton Rowland

Carson Lueders

Riley Lewis

Madison Lewis

Sarah Withers

Lexy Kolker

Ava Kolker

Snow Tha Product

Rico Paris

Christa, Kaley and Brianna Ford

Kailand Morris

Jordan Beau

Destiny Gin

Mario Kassamani

Jessie Page

Nicolette Gray

Teala Dunn

Luna Montana

Bryce Hall

Jason Genao

Mikey Tua

Greg Marks

AJ Mitchell

Meg Donnelly

Diego Martir

Scott Sire

Austin Hare

Kristin Hancher

Hayden Summerall / Jimmy

Brooke Butler & Rush

Goody Grace

Christa Ford

Kaley Ford


Shannon K

Mahogany Lox

Eva Gutowski

Kida Burnes

Crawford Collins

Danielle Cohn

Tati McQuay

Tristan Tales

Carrington Durham

Big Will

Mads Lewis

Nic Wallace

Veronica and Vanessa Merrel

Sofie Dossi

Zach Clayton

Suie Generous

Nayip Ramos

Destiny Gonzles

Keliane Stankus

Demi Plaras

Elle Danjean

Olivia Lueders

Ariel Martin

Jada Facer

Logan Paul

Kalin White

David Dobrik

Evan Forster

Grant Knoche

Eric Montanez